Coffee Tamper Set


  • Espresso Tamper with Tamper Mat
  • Milk Jug (350 ml)
  • Barista Towel
  • Latte Art Pen and Decorative Stencils


  • 51 mm tamper set: single pack consists of 51 mm tamper, 350 ml milk jug, 4 decorative stencils, 1 tamper mat, 1 latte art pen and 1 microfibre cloth.
  • Compatible with: 51 mm tamper fits perfectly 51 mm filter carrier machine for various brands such as DeLonghi, Saeco, Ascaso, Gräwe, Sage or Beem. This is a 51mm tamper that will only fit 51mm or larger portafilter. Please make sure which size your portafilter has.
  • Even better compression: the tamper consists of a high-quality processed aluminium handle and a tamper base made of stainless steel 304. The tamper unscrews so it is easy to clean, the base is also rust-proof and dishwasher safe. Thanks to an extra flat stopper base, you can achieve a particularly soft and intense espresso. Even the ergonomically shaped tamper gives you a professional feeling when preparing.
  • Coffee accessories: the milk jug (350 ml) made of stainless steel has a scale inside, it is robust, rust-proof and dishwasher safe. Silicone tamper mat prevents the portafilter from slipping around when stamping and protects your counters and portafilters from damage. The professional latte art pen tool forms the beautiful coffee pattern. The decorative stencils offer a wide range of motifs and are made of sufficiently sturdy looking plastic.
  • After sale: Since we trust 100% in the quality of our espresso masher for your portafilter machine, we allow you to order a risk-free order: if you are dissatisfied, you can simply return the coffee tamper


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